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Pre & Postnatal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training

Prenatale training

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I love working with different individuals, because everybody is different and therefore needs another approach. I can't wait to get to know you, create workouts that fit your personal needs  and make you fall in love  (again)  with movement and taking care of your body and mind. Movement sessions can entail different sorts of fitness and sport specific exercises to help you achieve your goals. We can work together before, during and after pregnancy. 


Workouts can be held in Dutch, English or German. We will be working from the prettiest studio in all of Amsterdam, situated on the Nicolaas Beetsstraat 144, in Amsterdam Old West. If it feels better for you, I'm also providing personal training at your house. 


Join me by clicking on the button below and I will contact you to answer all your questions and/or make an appointment.

Pre & Postnatal

Postnatal sessions

Moving during and after pregnancy can make an impact on your well-being and recovery. If it feels good we can work on preparing you for birth and the life after. 

Pilates meets weight training

Coming pretty soon! I would love to combine pre and postnatal training and my favourite movement machine, the reformer. Want to be in the know?

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I'm Hannah.


After becoming a certified Personal Trainer in 2005 I wanted to gain more knowledge about sport management and joined a BSc program, which I finished in 2020.

I love teaching and helping people, it's my passion. I specialised in pre & postnatal training. Moving safely and feeling capable is so important during and after pregnancy. I experienced that myself. I'm a certified pre & postnatal coach since 2021 and currently enrolled to be become a pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise specialist.

Join me for a movement session and get to know each other.



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Join me now!

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